… a bid to smuggle foreign currency at Torkham border in Khyber … the currency seized included one million Saudi riyal.  Also fake Afghan currency … ... lees verder

Whenever you need to exchange your local currency into a foreign currency for travelling or remitting monies overseas, you will need to ask for an exchange rate. Exchange rates quoted by banks and money changers can be quite different. The spread between ... ... lees verder

… growth in constant currency terms.” “In Egypt too, sharp currency devaluation played … Africa do face geopolitical and currency volatility,” GCPL managing director Vivek … manufacturing units to hedge against currency devaluation. “The sharp devaluation in … ... lees verder

Mumbai: African subsidiaries of Indian packaged consumer goods makers are facing the heat after major markets in the region devalued their currencies by 40-50% against the rupee, making Indian exports more expensive. For a way out, they are turning to ... ... lees verder

Bitcoin millionaire speaks at a TEDx Teen conference back in 2014. Erik Finman Erik Finman may be only 18, but he's a millionaire, thanks to a very shrewd and early investment in bitcoin. And despite the recent tumult in the world of digital currency and a ... ... lees verder

… along with the recovered foreign currency is being handed over to … , while the rest of the currency was found in another bag … ... lees verder

Lewis Fellas, a former portfolio manager at Harvard University’s $35.7 billion endowment, is planning a hedge fund that invests in digital currencies such as bitcoin. Fellas, who left Harvard Management Co. in Boston last year, is launching Bletchley ... ... lees verder

… money exchange or withdraw the currency from ATM machines within the … ... lees verder